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Welcome to the future of Golf Education

MyStadium revolutionizes your training with a comprehensive, holistic approach. Physical activity is not just about moving the body; it's about nourishing the mind. Designed for young athletes, our innovative approach to physical training  blends cutting-edge neuroscience principles with the joy of play, creating an experience that is as enriching for the brain as it is for the body and for developing personality.

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The First 360 Educational Program

Our unique 360° program boosts physical fitness, brain power, and sports skills.

With fun games and challenges, we help students excel in sports and life.

Plus, we're making sports education enjoyable and easy, growing the game and the industry.

  • Body

  • Mind

  • Golf

I think for kids you want to play as many different sports as possible and be physically agile and capable of doing lots of different sports before actually getting into golf. I feel like your body is much more aware of the movements you're trying to make, so definitely myStadium will help.

Danny Willet | Professional golfer

(2016 masters champion)

myStadium has all the different combinations of skills so it was an amazing experience, I mean, such a good idea and good challenge as well. I’m going to be doing a lot of work on this.



Adri Arnaus | Professional golfer
(93rd world ranking)

myStadium is such good fun. As you're going round, you're enjoying the experience! And the benefits to the younger guys who take part in this is great, because they're learning a lot of different skills but having a tool that helps them out.


Andy Proudman  |  Me And My Golf


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Grow The Game
Elevate your goalf education experience & attract new players

With myStadium, golf gets better and more fun! We've made a unique platform that turns golf lessons into exciting experiences, attracting and converting newcomers into golf lovers at a 35% success rate. Our approach helps you boost your business, from improving training to setting up top-notch events.

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