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The creators behind the program

Meet Your Team

Ready to unlock the future of golf education?

Learn more about myStadium and find how it can take children's education to the next level, wherever you are.

Philippe Allain


European Tour Coach

Biomechanical Expert

Junior Training Specialist

Philippe has been coaching golf for more than 25 years. His passion for the sport and experience has led him to become a reference when it comes to technique, biomechanics, fitness and psychology of the game, being one of the most respected coaches in Europe. Having spent much of his career travelling on the European tour with players, he speaks 5 languages and is Ambassador for Nike.

Dr. Christian Marquardt

Degree in Medicine

Neuro Scientist

Motor Learning Expert

Inventor of SAM PuttLab

Dr. Christian Marquardt is a distinguished neuroscientist and golf specialist. With a background in medicine, sports, and motor behavior research, he's made significant contributions to movement analysis and the treatment of movement disorders. A luminary in the golfing world, Dr. Marquardt developed the SAM PuttLab, a revolutionary system for precision measurement and analysis of putting. His scientific approach and expertise are reflected in his esteemed lectures and seminars at the SAM Academy, earning him partnerships with various golf federations and PGAs.

Giorgio De Pieri

Degree in Sports

Golf Coach

Junior Training Specialist

Giorgio De Pieri is a highly-respected golf biomechanics expert. His skill set ranges from athletic fitness to mental coaching and nutrition. Known for his unique biohacking methods and holistic approach, Giorgio has emerged as a leading golf instructor and industry specialist.

Loïc Gambardella

Physiotherapist and Osteopath

Movement Optimization Expert

Biomechanical Expert

TPI Board Member

Passionate about sports, physiotherapist, osteopath, physical trainer... for the past 20 years, he has been training and developing an acute understanding of the most innovative and relevant solutions for "human mechanics

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