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More than golf education..

What Sets Us Apart

Circuit System

Our program is built around a circuit system where students aim to complete nine different tasks as quickly as possible. Each task is part of a scientifically-backed protocol, ensuring effective learning and skill development.


The system offers flexibility, allowing teachers to adapt it in numerous ways to suit their teaching perspectives and objectives. This makes MyStadium a versatile tool in golf education.

Progress Tracking

MyStadium is more than just a training program. It's a tool that allows teachers to provide tailored exercises to each student and track their progress, ensuring personalized and effective training.

Continuous Development

The dynamic nature of our system keeps young athletes motivated and ensures they continue to develop their full potential. With MyStadium, every training session is a step towards holistic growth.

Innovating Golf Education

At MyStadium, we've crafted a program that targets the three key stages of development: golf, mind, and body. Backed by science, our approach optimizes the learning process by working on all these stages simultaneously. Experience a program designed for comprehensive growth and success.



Develop and protect the fundamental movements against the demands of daily life & prepare the athletes of the future.



Use conscious movement to optimize the networking of the brain and promote cognitive activity.



In a multitude of different environments and games we develop technique, creativity, strategy, adaptability.

Shaping Tomorrow's Champions in Life

Inspired By Movement





Our Protocol Philosophy

Move Your Body

Mind Your Game

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