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About Me

Hi. My name is David Ross, founder of Kids Golf Association. I believe golf is one of the greatest games ever conceived! I started KGA to expose as many kids as possible to this wonderful sport. Please allow me to tell you a little bit about my childhood so you can understand why...

David Ross

Why myStadium

My father died when I was only four years old. My mother, unable to cope with his death, turned to alcohol and drugs. Fortunately I had the influence of two men with exceptional character to help me through my formative years. The first was my grandfather, Elmer. He introduced me to the game of golf and, through the etiquette of the game, showed me how to behave like a gentleman. He taught me the importance of a firm handshake, to respect others, and that your word was a promise you should always keep. The second, my uncle Jim, owned a par 3 golf course in Southern California and instructed me on the fundamentals of the golf swing. As he coached me, I discovered through discipline and perseverance, I could gain confidence in my abilities in all areas of my life, not just golf. So one of them taught me how the game was played, the other how to play the game. The lessons I learned, during our times together on the golf course, were priceless. I know that without the guidance of these two men, my life would have turned out for the worse. That's why I am so passionate about introducing the game of golf to as many children as possible.

What myStadium has brought to our project

KGA’s mission is to give each child a foundation for an active, healthy, and virtuous lifestylethrough the game of golf.At KGA, we love the Stadium Concept because of the holistic approach it brings to teachingthe game of golf. By using the Stadium Concept, our kids not only learn how to play thegame of golf, but become better athletes in the process!The Stadium Concept also makes learning the game more fun to learn, which is what we’reall about!We are very happy with what the Stadium Concept has brought to our organization. Withit, we are a more valuable resource to our students. The support of Philippe Allain, theStadium Concept’s founder, has been nothing less than exceptional. He gets it, and we areso happy this partnership has worked out!

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