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About Me

My Name is Grant Smith I am PGA Professional from Scotland. My career started in Scotland at The Gleneagles Hotel Golf Resort and have experience working all over the world including Mauritius, USA and Abu Dhabi. Currently I am the Senior Golf Professional for Golf Saudi and my role withing the company is to create golf activations and programs which educate, excite and encourage the Saudi population to try golf and continue learn the game.

Gran Smith

Why myStadium

We added myStadium into our repertoire of Mass Participation Golf Activations as it aligns nicely with our vision on how to introduce and develop golf in a nation which has had little previous exposure to the game. When you see the stadium in action from outside it looks like a fun filled and energetic activity for all ages to enjoy , which it is! This is perfect for our events as it helps break the stereotypes of what golf is and how it should be trained. However when you go through the training with the incredible team who have developed the stadium, you understand that this product is so much more than just fun! It truly offers a holistic developmental tool with a wealth of research and resources to back it up. The combination of golf, body and mind really ticked all the boxes for us to help us on our journey of introducing and developing golf in Saudi Arabia.

What myStadium has brought to our project

We’ve used stadium now at many of our Mass Participation Golf Activations and we have had 1000’s of people complete the stadium. It brings something different to our events compared to the traditional ways on introducing golf. Its big, bold, eye catching and fast paced so it’s intriguing for those attending and requires little persuasion to join in. It brings a healthy competition between friends and family and It’s fun not only for the people who are competing but for those who are watching and for the coaches running the event.

Join The Movement

Thank you.

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