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About Me

Good Swings Happen was established in 2009 to create a year round programming atmosphere for junior golfers of all ages and skill levels. We aim to develop mental skills as much as we do physical skills with a fun-first attitude and approach. Our greatest goal is that we nurture a life-long relationship within the game of golf while at the same time supporting player development within the game of life.

Josh Alpert

Why myStadium

I learned about myStadium while visiting my best friend growing up in Spain who does design work for myStadium. He introduced me to Philippe Allain and after a few glasses of wine and some great discussion… the rest is history. I  hold a very similar philosophy in my instructional value system and practices. myStadium immediately felt like a more organized and more in depth way of offering what we had been doing for years so it seemed a very natural and logical transition. The physical set up, how it sets up visually drew me to it immediately as well. The depth of exercises and material for physical and mental development is unparalleled.

What myStadium has brought to our project

Obviously this past few years has been challenging for everyone as we try and get back to the level of program options we offered pre-covid. That said, we have integrated myStadium into our summer camp and year round programs with much success. I envision having myStadium program and equipment playing a lead and supporting role in various offerings throughout the year as part of our stable of programs moving forward. I love that we can offer myStadium in a variety of different ways. It can be the entire focus of a group class program, a complimentary station at a summer camp, and time trials where “competition” is the focus. At the end of the day myStadium helps us achieve our greatest goals, developing the whole child through the game of golf. Strengthening minds, bodies and developing golf skills in ways that are educational, healthy and fun is what it is all about.

Join The Movement

Thank you.

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