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About Me

Golf Vision academies, founded by Luca Fenoglio, ex professional players on tours like Alps tour-Epd Tour and now teaching full time in Torino Italy. Opened 2 academies in 2022, that fully operate and work to bring the best quality to golfers of all ages with specific focus on on-course performance and junior development.

David Ross

Why myStadium


I had the chance to see myStadium grow during the years because of the partnership with one of the creators, Giorgio De Pieri. Had the chance to see the first myStadium grow in Barlassina country club and had some experience in working with kids following the program. I found it incredible because the circuit is fun, engaging and a beautiful environment to help the kids grow as humans first and as athletes second. As soon as I opened my academies I wanted to have myStadium as the main concept used in our junior development training method.

What myStadium has brought to our project

The kids grow very fast using the method, they interact with each other and I found it as a great tool to build a very solid team because they support each other in every challenge myStadium brings them. In the first month of using myStadium, our kids have improved their abilities and coordination but, as a consequence, their golf game as improved greatly also. In the first under 12 US kids tournament out kids played, they won in every age range and they were really intuitive and in “execution” mode during the tournament. Parents are very happy and, as the word spreads around, we are having a lot of requests from a lot of other parents interested in this fantastic program. One of our goals as academy is to focus on junior growth and I’m really sure to say that nothing beats myStadium as far as development of young golfers in less time that any other program, bringing fun, discipline and team work into play!

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