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About Me

Steven Troup, a GB&I PGA Professional of 17 years and Director of Instruction and Education for Golf Saudi. Steven is entrusted with the development and implementation of education and coaching material and practices to help foster organic growth in both employment and participation opportunities in the newly evolving Saudi Arabian golf

Steven Troup

Why myStadium

The simplicity of the learning experience for the user was the main attraction to bringing myStadium into the Golf Saudi golf activation and programming offering. When in action, myStadium is a highly motivating, competitive, yet scalable developmental journey that for those participating, simply have fun and are unaware of all the learning that is going on.
The team at myStadium and their extraordinary wealth of knowledge and expertise in their respective fields have combined to create much more than just a ‘concept’ but a scientifically supported movement development platform that interestingly involves not just golf and physical movement activity, but also neurological elements to engage the brain which dramatically amplifies the skill acquisition process which is truly unique in the golf coaching world.

What myStadium has brought to our project

In Saudi Arabia golf is very much in its infancy, the opportunity because of this allows us to showcase the sport to the population where the typical barriers to golf participation worldwide are avoided from the beginning. The biggest impact for us is the ability to offer an additional player centered learning environment and create golf activation and training experiences in a fun, eye catching manner in high footfall locations allowing us to spread the image of golf around the country as well as challenging the belief that golf is a difficult game to learn.

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