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About Me

I am Yoann Chartier, a golf coach since 2002 and the head of the Yoann Chartier Academy. I am also a member of the GIGA golf management team and the BIOmecagolf organization. With my experience as a player on the French circuit and Alps Tour until 2002, I have gained valuable insights into the mechanisms and means that lead to performance in golf.

Yoann Chartier

Why myStadium

As a coach and teacher, holding BEES 1° and DE qualifications, I have continued to improve my game and expand my knowledge by working alongside coaches from the European Tour, such as Philipe Allain and Alain Alberti. I have also collaborated with Jean-Jacques Rivet, a biomechanics expert, on body biomechanics and swing mechanics.

Technology plays a significant role in my coaching and teaching methods. I utilize tools such as Trackman, 4D motion sensors, and video analysis extensively. My experience in utilizing technology in golf teaching led me to join the team developing the biomecaforce, a 3D analysis concept for swing analysis.

My golf school currently consists of 50 children, primarily aged between 3 and 11 years old. I firmly believe that a child's progress in golf is closely linked to their mental, physical, and technical development. I chose myStadium because it provides a comprehensive solution for the child's overall development. myStadium's method of learning and education enables us to track and assess the child's progress effectively.

What myStadium has brought to our project

The various games, exercises, and training offered by myStadium provide motivation for the child to excel, challenge themselves, and develop self-awareness. myStadium encompasses everything needed to help a child become an athlete. Moreover, myStadium brings added value to our golf school sessions. The ability to evaluate each child's skills and abilities allows us to tailor the golf training specifically to their needs during the sessions, whether for individual children or groups. Apart from its sporting aspects, myStadium is fantastic for introducing golf in public and school settings. The range of accessories and training modes offered by myStadium enables us to adapt the entertainment and activities to diverse audiences. I believe that myStadium is an invaluable asset that enhances our golf school's organization and provides an engaging and inclusive experience for all participants.

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